Magnetic Clasps


Magnet clasps are the best clever little clasp invented. However magnets are strong and should not be worn by pregnant women or those who have a pacemaker. We use split rings where ever possible, for added strength and lobster claw clasps for ease of use. Once you place this on your jewelry you will no longer need any help putting on your own jewelry. These are fantastic for those how have trouble with their hands. To work the clasp you slide them apart, DO NOT pull them apart (with the exception of the cylinder magnets, those you have to pull apart). With reg magnets, pulling them will risk damaging the jewelry. Magnetic clasps will give you back your independence when it comes to your own jewelry. We can not emphasize enough this next statement:
**Magnetic clasps are to make your life easier in putting on and taking off your jewelry. They are not ment to be a permanent fixture to keep from you loosing your jewelry if they get pulled or tug or yanked on. If your jewelry does get yanked on, we would like to think the magnet would hold but if it does not hold and the magnets are dislodged from each other, that means you didnt break your chain. Please do not sleep in your jewelry. It is really not ment to be slept in.

• Keep small magnets away from young children who might swallow them.

• Look out for loose magnet pieces and regularly inspect toys and children’s play areas for missing or dislodged magnets.

• If you suspect that magnets have been swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

• Look for abdominal symptoms, such as abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

• Note that in X-rays, multiple magnetic pieces may appear as a single object.